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Equitable Distribution/Property Settlement 

NCGS 50-20, et seq, are the Equitable Distribution Statutes in North Carolina which determine the property settlement of marital and divisible property when parties separate. They are a complex set of statutes designed for the trial court to use to divide marital property—the assets and debts acquired since date of marriage which still exist on the date of separation. The Court must identify, classify, value and distribute marital property and resolve all disputes between the parties on these issues. if you do not know the difference between "marital property" and "seperate property" you could make a huge mistake in dividing your assets and debts. Do you know the difference between a “defined benefit plan” and a defined contribution plan”? If a car title is only in on person’s name, is it his/her separate property? Do you owe any of your spouses’ credit card debt? Not knowing the answers to these questions like these could cost you in a big way. Do not make these mistakes. Let us help you get all you are entitled to out of your property settlement.

Equitable Distribution

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